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Top MS-13 Leader Warns Gang Not to Wear Nike Cortez Shoes As Feds Arrest 3,800 Members

إضافة تسمية توضيحي

A MS-13 gang leader attends the Day of the Virgin of Mercy celebrations at a prison in San Salvador September 24, 2012. Gang leaders in El Salvador control members in the U.S., according to an indictment unsealed September 28, 2017.

Sessions’s focus on the gang has raised concerns from local police leaders and civil rights advocates, who worry his tactics will discourage undocumented immigrants for cooperating with investigators or that his approach amounts to racial profiling.

Flores told the gang leaders not to wear the clothes and colors associated with MS-13 so they could avoid attention from law enforcement – specifically advising them to avoid Nike Cortez shoes. (MS-13 members often wear blue and white Nike Cortez sneakers, MassLive.com reported.) “Dressed like that, the enemy can see you, the police can arrest you, and boom, to El Salvador,” the 35-year-old said, talking on speaker phone to the gang leaders. “To live a great life there, one must be humble, you know, to avoid being detected.”

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