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#Ayrshire shop robber pretended two poles were #shotgun

Ayrshire shop robber pretended two poles were shotgun
BBC News - UK

A man who attempted to rob a petrol station in Ayrshire using two poles taped together to look like a shotgun has been jailed for four years.

Scott Homer, 37, entered the shop in Stevenston before pointing the poles at shop worker Linda Fry and threatening her on 6 May.

He got no money from the till, but stole the 63-year-old's handbag, which contained bank cards and £45 in cash.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Homer admitted assault and robbery charges.

The court heard how Homer had shouted at Ms Fry: "Give me the money or you are getting it."

Ms Fry pushed Homer and shouted at him and at one point told him: "Don't hurt me."

'Drug problem'

Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said: "During the struggle with Linda Fry, the accused then removed a black pointed implement from a trouser pocket and brandished it as if he intended to thrust it towards her."

Ms Fry ran out of the shop and Homer took her handbag which was lying nearby and left.

Homer, who has previous convictions, was caught after he was recognised by officers in CCTV footage from the petrol station.

A roll of tape, remnants of the poles and the black pointed implement were found in his home.

Defence counsel Derick Nelson said Homer had a significant drug problem and was starting to owe people a lot of money.

Sentencing Homer, Judge Lady Rae said he had robbed, threatened and terrified a woman while she was doing her job.

She said: "She still suffers the effects of what you did and has became much more wary of people."

Original Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-41467329

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